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3-brown-animal-print-Kazuri-B   3 Brown animal print Kazuri Bracelet
Abalone-Turtle-Earrings   Abalone Turtle Swarovski Crystal Freshwater Pearl Earrings
AfricanRhyoliteCopperE   African Brown Rhyolite Copper Wire Wrapped Earrings
AgatePewterRingE   Agate & Pewter Ring Earrings
AMB-E1   Amber Earrings
AMB-E2   Amber Earrings
AstralPinkWireWrapNecklace   Astral Pink Wire Wrapped Necklace
SS-E4   Bali Square Drop Earrings
AMB-E10   Baltic Amber Earrings
AMB-E3   Baltic Amber Earrings
AMB-E7   Baltic Amber Earrings
AMB-E8   Baltic Amber Earrings
AMB-E9   Baltic Amber Earrings
AMB-P1   Baltic Amber Pendant
AMB-P2   Baltic Amber Pendant
AMB-P3   Baltic Amber Pendant
AMB-P4   Baltic Amber Pendant
AMB-P5   Baltic Amber Pendant
AMB-P6   Baltic Amber Pendant
Blk-Wht-Kazuri-with-tubes   Black & White Animal Print Kazuri Bracelet
Black-and-Silver-Kazuri-B   Black and Silver Kazuri Bracelet
Blue-Lace-Agate-Bracelet   Blue Lace Agate Bracelet
Brown-and-Ivory-Kazuri-B   Brown and Ivory Kazuri Bracelet
Brown-Girafee-Kazuri-w-tubes   Brown Giraffe Animal Print Kazuri Bracelet
Burg-GldShadow-Bracelet   Burgandy & Bronze Pearl Bracelet
cha-cha-breast-cancer-bracelet   Cha-Cha Breast Cancer Awareness Bracelet
XmasBulbsGreenTop-E   Christmas Light Bulb Earrings -Green Top
XmasBulbsPinkTop-E   Christmas Light Bulb Earrings -PinkTop
cobalt-bl-Turq-glass-B   Cobalt Blue & Turquoise Glass Bracelet
CreamMagnoliaBloomNecklace   Cream Magnolia Bloom Necklace, Swarovski Pearls with natural brass
Crystal-AB-XmasTrees   Crystal AB Christmas Trees
Deep-Purple-and-White-Kazuri-B   Deep Purple and White Kazuri Bracelet
Purple-and-White-tube-Kazuri-B   Deep Purple/White Tubes Kazuri Bracelet
Ruby-Bracelet   Faceted Oval & Round Ruby
FacetedEmerald-Earrings   Faceted Rondelle Emerald Chandelier Earrings
FacetedRuby-Earrings   Faceted Rondelle Ruby Chandelier Earrings
FacetedBlackSpinel-Earrings   Faceted Rondelle Spinel Chandelier Earrings
Gray-MOP-E   Gray Mother of Pearl Earrings
AMB-P7   Green Baltic Amber Pendant
AMB-P8-set   Green Baltic Amber Pendant & Earrings Set
Gunmetal-Heart-Bracelet   Gunmetal Heart Bracelet
KeyToMyHeart   Key to My Heart Ephemera Necklace
Labradorite   Labradorite
LgFernGrn-E   Large Fern Green Tree Earrings
LariatVintajNecklace   Lariat Style Necklace in Swarovski Crystals/Pearls with natural brass
Light-Turquoise-Kazuri-Print   Light Turquoise Animal Print Kazuri Bracelet
Lime-Green-White-Kazuri-B   Lime Green White Kazuri Bracelet
Lime-Green-White-tube-Kazuri-B   Lime Green White tube Kazuri Bracelet
Maroon-Graitti--Kazuri-B   Maroon Grafitti Kazuri Bracelet
Maroon-MagnoliaBloomNecklace   Maroon Magnolia Bloom Necklace, Swarovski Pearls with natural brass
Mother-of-Pearl-Bali-Silver-P   Mother of Pearl and Bali Silver Pendant
Muted-Greens--Kazuri-B   Muted Green s' Kazuri Bracelet
Boulder-Opal--Pend   Natural Boulder Opal Pendant
OSU-Boro-B   OSU Inspired Boro Bracelet
Peacock-Boro-Bracelet   Peacock Boro Bracelet
PeacockSwarovskiLariatNecklace   Peacock Swarovski Crystal Lariat Necklace
Conch-Shell-Moonstone-Pend   Pink Conch Shell & Moonstone Pendant
Rainbow-Obsidian-Earrings   Rainbow Obsidian Earrings
Red-Black-Ivory-Kazuri-B   Red Black Ivory Kazuri Bracelet
RedTigerEye-E   Red Tigereye Earrings
SantaHat-E   Santa Hat Earrings
Sedona-Southwest-Kazuri-B   Sedona/Southwest Kazuri Bracelet
SmOlivineTrees-E   Small Olivine Green Tree Earrings
SmokyQuartzAcorn-E   Smoky Quartz Acorn Earrings
SnowflakeCeramicEarrings   Snowflake Ceramic Earrings
Swarovski-Pendant   Snowflake Swarovski Crystal Pendant
SnowmanEarrings   Snowman Earrings
Speckled-Ivory-Green--Kazuri-B   Speckled ivory Green Kazuri Bracelet
SS-Snowflakes   Sterling Silver Snowflakes
SS-Snowflakes-Crystals   Sterling Silver Snowflakes with Swarovski Crystals
Swarovski-Baroque-Electra-Pend   Swarovski Crystal Baroque Electra Pendant
Swarovski-Casc-BlackCross-Pend   Swarovski Crystal Cascading Pendant -Black Cross
Swarovski-Casc-BlkRedClr-Pend   Swarovski Crystal Cascading Pendant -BlkRedClrGrey
Swarovski-Casc-Triangle-Pend   Swarovski Crystal Cascading Pendant -Golden Shadow Triangle
Swarovski-Casc-Purple-Cir-Pend   Swarovski Crystal Cascading Pendant -Purple Circle
Swarovski--Plumb-Drop-Pend   Swarovski Crystal Teardrop Pendant-wire wrapped
Swarovski-Twist-ClearBlkGrPend   Swarovski Crystal Twist Pendant-Clear/Black/Grey
Swarovski-Twist-Copper   Swarovski Crystal Twist Pendant-Copper
Swarovski-Twist-GoldenShadow   Swarovski Crystal Twist Pendant-Golden Shadow
Swarovski-Twist-Tabac-P   Swarovski Crystal Twist Pendant-Tabac
Vitrail-XmasTrees   Vitrail Medium Christmas Trees
WhiteMarbleSmokyQuartz-E   White Marble and Smoky Quartz Chip Earrings

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